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Law Seminars International Presents: The 33rd Annual Foremost Conference on Water Law in Washington

April 25-26, 2024 | Virtual

Hear the current most pressing developments for Washington water rights and resource management from an exceptional faculty.

Who Will Benefit from Attending

Attorneys, environmental and land use professionals, local government and Tribal representatives, planners, ports, public utility districts, landowners, water users, and other stakeholders.

Why You will Benefit from Attending

Water law and policy in Washington State continues to evolve in response to population growth, economic development, and climate change. This year's conference will bring you up to speed on recent changes and hot topics in Washington water law.

The first day of the program will start with a refresher on the Water Code. You will hear updates on the 2024 Legislative Session and WRIA 1 Nooksack Adjudication followed by practical tips for effective participation in an adjudication and coverage of statutory relinquishment provisions and exceptions.

The faculty will discuss preparing successful water right change applications and strategies for effective participation in Pollution Control Hearings Board proceedings. The annual Case Law Update will be important to anyone who tracks or is engaged in water resources litigation and water policy development in Washington. You will hear tips for effective appellate brief writing, including building an effective record at the trial or hearing level, from former Washington Supreme Court Justice Phil Talmadge.

In the second day, you will hear a presentation on Climate Change Policy Implementation and Water Resource Management plus an extensive panel discussion of Ecology's latest work on the Municipal Water Law Interpretive Policy Statement.

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