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American Bar Association SEER Member Spotlight: Jamie Morin

April 15, 2024

Earlier this month, Jamie Morin was recognized as one of the most involved members of the American Bar Association Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources.

Jamie Morin

Jamie Morin is a founding member of Confluence Law, PLLC, in Washington State. Her practice revolves around advising clients in matters related to water rights, and the management and use of water resources. This includes acquisition, adjudication, protection, reallocation, and regulation of water rights, as well as collateral issues that arise for entities engaged with water resource issues including public, private, and nonprofits organizations. 

Jamie renewed her membership in the ABA after founding Confluence Law, PLLC, for all the great small firm resources. As an added bonus, the ABA is a great way to stay up to date on what is happening in water resources in other states and around the west. 

Rarely one to let a plea for help go unanswered, Jamie answered a call to serve as SEER Water Resources Committee co-vice chair of communications in 2021, which led to an opportunity to work with a group of great lawyers from around the country to update the 2023 ABA Resolution on Tribal Water Rights Settlements and ultimately to step into her current role, Water Resources Committee programs vice chair.

Jamie was admitted to the Washington State Bar on the eve of the last century after attending the University of Montana. Jamie considers herself a citizen of the Columbia Basin and can often be found enroute to obscure locations in the region, or out walking in the woods with her dog, Ari. 




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